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Dallas Rental Property Insurance

If you own real estate property and plan on renting it to others, it is in your best interest to maintain rental property insurance. Whether you are planning to rent out a house, condominium or apartment, this type of insurance provides great protection in case of the unexpected.

Dallas rental property insurance can protect your important investment from liability claims, medical claims, theft, and property damage. Texas Standard Insurance Group helps connect you with great, affordable insurance for your Dallas rental property. You don't have to sacrifice cost for quality coverage.

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Uniquely Tailored Coverage

Texas Standard Insurance Group can help you find a policy that is perfect for your specific needs. This can be a great way to find extra savings since your policy can cover the protection you want and needs, rather than a long list of those you don't.

Additional policies can even extend your protection to include Loss of Rental coverage. This means that in the event your property becomes unfit to rent, your loss of income from the rental will be covered to a certain limit during the repair process. Other additions can provide protection from floods – a great investment if your property is located in a flood-prone area in Dallas.

Working with an experienced insurance brokerage can be in your best interests as a Dallas business owner. We can even find you additional discounts based on security devices (e.g. locks, alarms, and security cameras), insurance history, credit history, and more. These additions help keep the rental property insurance even lower for your Dallas property.

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Your rental property is most likely a hefty investment. Isn't it time to protect this investment and yourself against future emergencies? Rental property insurance can help give you, the landlord, confidence and peace of mind.

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