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Dallas Motorcycle Insurance

Texas statutes regarding motorcycle insurance are clear, and a driver that fails to comply with those regulations can face stiff penalties. Despite this fact, at least 20% of drivers in the Dallas area put themselves and others at great risk by driving without coverage.

There's no reason to take the chance and ride uninsured. Motorcycle insurance can be affordable and flexible to meet your riding needs. Let Texas Standard Insurance Group help you take to the road with even more confidence.

What is the minimum insurance required?

Texas motorcycle insurance minimums require that the driver possess the following basic liability coverage: $25,000 coverage for property damage; $50,000 coverage for bodily injury; and up to $25,000 coverage of bodily injury for any one individual involved in the accident.

Please note that these Texas minimum motorcycle insurance requirements are just that - minimums. In an unfortunate situation, a comprehensive policy will provide you with greater protection. With Texas Standard Insurance Group, this can be an affordable advantage.

Coverage Essentials

The following are coverage commonly included with basic liability in a motorcycle insurance policy:

  • Collision - Coverage that pays for the repair or replacement of the motorcycle.
  • Comprehensive - Diverse coverage that can include fire, theft, and storm damage.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured - Protects the rider against an at-fault driver with an inadequate policy or with no policy.
  • Passenger Liability - Provides financial and medical protection for the passenger in the event of an accident.
  • Medical Payments - Extensive coverage that covers medical costs not covered elsewhere.

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Motorcycle riders can get discounts for possessing good credit and an accident-free record. Less obvious discounts include multiple policies by a single carrier, passing state-approved motorcycle safety classes, and membership in approved driver's organizations.

With Texas Standard Insurance Group you can rest assured that you are getting great policies with the top insurance carriers in the nation. Our experienced insurance brokers will help you get all of the discounts that you qualify for. This helps make the already low rates even more affordable.

Whether you drive a cruiser, chopper, standard, sports bike, or moped, you deserve great coverage. Let Texas Standard Insurance Group help protect you during your travels. Call 469-814-8191 to get a free quote or to learn more about Dallas motorcycle insurance.