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Dallas Liquor Liability Insurance

The expenses that can be incurred by liquor liability cases can be enormous. Even one incident involving liquor liability can drastically affect an event or small business, even shutting it down in extreme cases.

The premium for a policy is a small price to pay compared to the money that will be lost if a liquor liability lawsuit is brought against a person or business that is uninsured. Yet businesses that could benefit from holding these sorts of insurance policies decide to take the huge gamble of going uninsured.

What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

Dallas liquor liability insurance protects people who sell, serve, or offer alcohol to others. In certain situations, this type of insurance is even required by law.

The individual who was inebriated is not usually the person who is found to be responsible when Dallas liquor liability cases go to trial. Many juries actually take the inebriated person's side, even if their acceptance of the alcohol was completely voluntary.

Types of Liquor Liability Infractions

Texas liquor liability cases are divided into 3 types. This includes civil, administrative, and criminal.

  • Administrative liabilities are liquor liabilities cases that involve the breaking of liquor licensing laws. People can lose their liquor licenses by selling or serving alcohol to people who are not of the proper age, by failing to check a person's identification, or by continuing to serve a person who is already intoxicated.
  • Civil liabilities are much more complicated. They usually involve lawsuits that are brought by the inebriated individual or people who were injured or victimized by that individual.
  • Criminal liabilities refer to situations where the intoxicated person kills or injures innocent bystanders.

All of these scenarios can spell serious trouble for a business that is not protected or not adequately covered by their existing policy.

Liquor Liability Insurance for Weddings

Anyone who is about to get married and is planning on serving alcohol at the wedding reception should strongly consider purchasing Dallas liquor liability insurance. It is not worth taking such a huge chance on such a special day. Not being insured for it can turn what is supposed to be a very joyous occasion into an event that can cause much heartache.

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