When disaster strikes, you can be ready. Don't wait until it's too late, get a flood insurance quote today.

Dallas Flood Insurance

Floods are one of Dallas' most common and consistent natural disasters. The damages caused by floods can be costly and stressful. Throughout America, ninety percent of the reported natural disasters involve some sort of flooding. You shouldn't wait until disaster hits to consider flood insurance for your Dallas home.

Purchasing Flood Insurance

Floods are not covered by most homeowner's insurance plans. Some mortgage companies even make it a requirement for people who live in high-risk flood zones to have flood insurance. For this reason, it is usually necessary to take out a separate policy that can cover your home and your belongings in case of a flood.

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Preparing for Texas Floods

A National Weather Service study showed that Central Texas is one of the areas most prone to flash flooding in the entire United States. Another study, conducted by the United States Geological Survey, showed Texas as the world record holder for six of the twelve highest rates of rainfall within twenty-four hours or less.

Of the state's one hundred and seventy-one million acres, more than twenty million are prone to floods. These floodplains are filled with about eight million vulnerable buildings and other structures. Three million of these structures are not insured.

Texas is also one of four states that experience the most repeat flood damage on the same property. There were approximately 4,000 flash-flooding events in the state of Texas between 1986 and 2000.

Considering the vulnerability of your Dallas neighborhood, it may be in your best interest to find the protection of a strong flood insurance policy. Contact Texas Standard Insurance Group today to learn more.