About Texas Standard Insurance Group

Texas Standard Insurance is dedicated to representing your best interests and providing you with a sense of security. In this fast paced world of impulse-buying, we strive to cover each customer's coverage unique needs in a way that many are unaccustomed to. This attention to detail helps us connect them with great policies that are flexible enough to meet their daily demands while being easy on the wallet.

With dozens of insurance carriers and products, we can't be all things to everyone, but we sure can come close. Many of our clients rely on us for all of their personal insurance and business coverage. They understand that they are getting the best coverage at the best rates.

All of our insurance agents are highly-trained, personable, and experienced with meeting the needs of individuals and business owners in Dallas. They maintain a high standard of service and ethics in all of their relationships.

Let us show you how personalization and expertise can transform your insurance experience. Obtain the peace of mind of having both a great insurance policy and broker at your side. Call us today.